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Black Friday name change?

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Why are we calling it Black Friday? Should we now start calling it Black Thursday? Many retailers are changing their hours of operation for Thanksgiving, a time where many use to have off to spend with their families. We have gone from stores being open at 4am on Black Friday, to being open all day on Thanksgiving. This has upset many who work at these large retailers and it has taken away the family time that they very much look forward to.

Here are some things to ponder…Should we support these establishments on Thanksgiving Day? Or should we skip the shopping until it is officially Black Friday?

 Some retailers have decided to open at 12:00 am on Black Friday. Officially marking the start to one of the best shopping days of the year and I believe that these retailers have done it right.  They have considered the fact that many of their employees value the few holidays of the year that they get off to spend with family. When employers do this, it causes the employee to feel valued as well as let the consumers know that they see the demand. However, on the flip side if they keep their stores open many of the employees may retaliate and provide very poor customer service. In turn, this will causes many shoppers to think twice about going to these establishments.

I do realize however; that many frugal shoppers wait outside of retailers on Thanksgiving night to be the first to get the best deals on Black Friday. But these shoppers are being given a choice, and the stores who never close are not giving their employees a chance to voice their personal opinions.


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