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Cons for Black Friday shopping

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Well the time has finally come, where I share the cons of Black Friday. For many of you non die hard shoppers who have never attempted Black Friday, this lovely little list will help you think twice about venturing into “our crowd”. If you can’t take the heat (the cons) get your booty back in bed! However, if you are interested in competing with all of the other Black Friday dye hard shoppers, make sure to check out my previous post on the pros of Black Friday shopping. Plus, check back as I plan to provide a list of strategies for planning your Black Friday outing.

Cons for Black Friday shopping:

1 ) Lack of sleep- Who really wants to stay awake after a turkey comma? Not many brave souls will eat a hardy Thanksgiving meal and then head to a local store where they wait in line for deals and door busters. Many people are so excited about particular door busters that they never even get a chance to eat Thanksgiving dinner, before heading out to wait in line. I have seen many people start a line outside of a particular electronic store on Wednesday night, so they are guaranteed the items that they came for. Sure this is the extreme; however, to some, what is your sleep and sanity really worth?

2 ) Cranky people- When you have hundreds to thousands of people waiting in line  for an establishment to open, you are bound to encounter some cranky people. People are running on lack of sleep, irritation and selfishness, so the chances that you will encounter some pretty moody people are very high. However, if you are grounded and positive, their moods won’t affect you.  Quite possibly you might have an effect on them.

3) Crowds and long lines- Uh, the crowds! People are sleep deprived, cranky and then to top it off there are tons of them. Who really wants to battle and quite possibly go to blows over a hot item of the year? I have seen cases where the police have been called to a large toy store because people started cutting in line and when others called them out on it, they start to fight. Absolute craziness!

4) Traffic- Let me just say, not everyone is smart enough to park at a friend’s house and carpool. Instead, most people drive solo and pack the parking lots to the extreme! The spaces at malls and shopping centers that are never taken will be taken on Black Friday. This goes for shopping carts too. If you think you are going to need a cart and you happen to show up late, good luck!

5) Limited Selection, bad deals and impulse buys – I have decided to lump all of these into one category, as they are all connected. When stores offer smoking hot deals on an item where they are only planning to offer a few (limited selection), they are setting customers up for disappointment. However, retailers are smart; they know that if they offer you something slightly more expensive with more options, then you will be driven by impulse to purchase the next best deal. When you do this; however, you may be making a big mistake as many of the impulse purchases on Black Friday have not been researched.  So the TV or electronic item you just got was actually not good at all.

I hope some of these cons have persuaded some of you potential Black Friday shoppers who were on the fence, not to go. Especially since when you don’t go, that just means there is more for me! 🙂

~Ra ha ha ha ha, I ❤ Black Friday~


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