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Black Friday Smarts

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Black Friday Smarts!

As we approach the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”, it’s time to start thinking about all that goes into preparing for one of the most intense, gratifying and sleep deprived shopping days of the year.  To help you plan your shopping trip, I have compiled a list of things that you must have or have on before leaving the house.

My list:

Comfortable clothing is a must, think layers to the extreme. When you go from standing outside in the cold, to racing around a store like a maniac, you will end up naked if you are not in layers.

Good shoes, think sneakers, flat boots or whatever you can walk, jog and run in without giving yourself blisters or braking your ankle.

Cell Phone, leaving the house without this on a normal day is enough to make a person feel disconnected from the world. Leaving it at home on Black Friday is like giving up a life line. If you are shopping with buddies, then this is like going into a battle field without communication, all heck is going to break loose. In certain situations back up may be required or you may find such a good deal that you’ve decide to share it with friends who are shopping at other stores. ** Make sure to fully charge your phone before leaving the house because if you forget to do this, you are going to kick yourself!

BYOB and It’s not what you think. I am not recommending that you bring a bottle of vino; however, for some this may sound like a good idea. 🙂 I am only recommending that you bring your own personal shopping bag since getting through crowed places with a shopping cart is the pits! Many of you already have these from other stores (especially since many retailers give you money off your purchase if you bring them to bag your groceries); think IKEA bag if you plan to do a lot of shopping in a particular store. However, please keep in mind that you are going to have many people including security looking at you strangely, but if you are like me and done care…carry on. 🙂

Bring a snack, I don’t know about you but waiting in line for hours for a store to open and then bursting into an adrenalin filled atmosphere can really build an appetite.

Bring a friend, when you have hours to kill there is no better way to pass the time than with a friend or shopping buddy. Let me just give you all some advise, I have been doing the “Black Friday” shopping experience for the last 13 years and when I could not find a partner in crime, the wait seemed like it lasted for days. So do some strategic planning now and find at least two people who are willing to make the mad dash with you; because someone always ends up falling asleep and flaking at the last minute.

Bring the Ads, this one should go without saying but when you are waiting for stores to open its always nice to check, double check and triple check, to make sure you didn’t miss something or someone on your list. Plus if you carry the ads with you, you may be able to get some retailers to price match even on “Black Friday”.

~Prepared People = Happy People~


About Misty

I am a very caring, fun loving person, who is trying to figure out my niche in this world. I love saving (even when its not my money),working hard because I cant stand being idle, taking photos of my family (because life happens to quickly), and making the grade (because if you dont have much to think about your brain will go to mush!). All while being a fantastic and caring mother to my son Mr. Handsome who is 10 and my little girl The Little Missy who just turned 1. ~ Life is so much better through a child's eyes ~

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