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How to save on girl hair accessories

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Since its that time of year again when everyone wants their little girls to be a cute as can be for those holiday pictures. I figured, what a great time to share some how to ideas and directions on how to save on little girl accessories.  I myself make bows and accessories for my little girl and if I can do it anyone can. 🙂 For starters, I will share with you how to make pinwheel hair bow. I found step by step directions onlince and they are perfect for those who are just starting. You can even see the pictures if you click on the attached link or view just the steps below.

The materials needed to start your accessory are:

1) Grossgrain ribbon ( you can even find a limited selection at the dollar store and its perfect for practicing and just the right size 1.5 inch)

2) 24 gauge craft wire (thread or fishing line work pretty good too… you can substitute with many others as well)

3) hot glue gun or any type of glue to fasten the clip to your bow when it is complete

4) hair clip of choice ( I prefer a single alligator clip since my daughter doesn’t have thick hair and many clips can be found at Salley’s Beauty Supply. I bought a box of 100 for about 5 bucks and that’s pretty cheap!)

Step 1: Cut Ribbon: For this bow (adjust for size you want)  cut a piece of 1.5 inch grosgrain ribbon to 23 inches. Step 2:Make your first loop down with the ribbon making a long tail in front.Step 3: Bring your ribbon “tail” up while keeping a grasp of your first loop Step 4: Bring your “tail” down to start making a second loop Step 5: Bring the tail up from the bottom of your newly formed second loop. Step 6: Pinch and fold in the center twice this is what creates the nice crease. This may take a few times to get a neat fold Step 7: While holding on to your center fold tightly get out your craft wire and tightly wrap it around the center. You can also use thread or fishing line. I prefer wire as it provides a little extra control. If you are going to make a stacked bow I suggest hand sewing your layers together.Step 8: Flip your bow over and even out your loops and then cut your “tails”. I like the triangle but you can use straight lines. Then take a lighter and quickly run the flame over the ends of the ribbon. This will heat seal it and prevent Step 9: To complete the center knot get a smaller piece of ribbon. I future fraying used a 7/8 ribbon. Cut
a piece long enough for you to knot and work with Step 10: Loop it much like an awareness ribbon looks Step 11: Tuck one tail through the loop and pull. Step 12: Once you have pulled it tight you may need to rotate the tails close to the knot so you have a smooth pretty tail coming from either side of the knot. Step 13: Slide in your choice of clip. My daughter has fine hair so we use the alligator clips Step 14: Put a tiny dot of glue on the center of your bow and secure the knot in the center. Then fold each tail over one at a time securing it with hot glue
on the alligator clip with the prong open. Trim the tail and Repeat with the other tail Use your lighter once again to heat seal and exposed ribbon end that you just trimmed up on back side. Step 15: Adjust your “tails” so they are as you like them. Your bow is done! Enjoy!

Later in the week I will be posing other how to’s, so check back.

The picture of the bows are bows that were made with these same directions. * Some of them are a work in process, so no critiquing 🙂


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