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When Savings Suck!

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Here is my real life story about how saving money can suck! That’s right, you read it correctly, saving money can actually suck. So for those of you who don’t really know me, here are a few details:  I just moved back to Nevada after a one year sabbatical in Utah, due to my fiance’s change of employment (civil engineer). However, when he was offered employment back in Nevada, it didn’t come with the same perks as our move to Utah. Let me explain.  When we moved to Utah, we were packed and moved and didn’t have to pay a penny for any of it. However, now that he has secured employment back in Nevada, we are responsible for the cost of moving our stuff.

This is where the part that sucks comes in. We called a few moving companies and got some quotes.  It should be easy right? Well actually no, because we put all our stuff in a storage a few months before he was offered the job. Since I was returning back to Nevada to take summer classes (June – August) and we were pretty hopeful that he could secure employment there before the end of summer.  So this is where the fun part starts…. since I am a big saver and I have somehow rubbed off on my fiance 🙂 we decided to take the cheaper route and move everything ourselves.

What were we thinking? I know…we were thinking that saving 80% sounded really good to us, since we are perfectly able to move ourselves. However, saving money sometimes comes with driving 16 hours in two consecutive days and doing that trip three times over. Boo! Oh, did I mention that this trip also includes the lovely company of two children!

This is my true story of when savings suck!

*Two trips down, one more to go*

~Not So Happy Savings~


About Misty

I am a very caring, fun loving person, who is trying to figure out my niche in this world. I love saving (even when its not my money),working hard because I cant stand being idle, taking photos of my family (because life happens to quickly), and making the grade (because if you dont have much to think about your brain will go to mush!). All while being a fantastic and caring mother to my son Mr. Handsome who is 10 and my little girl The Little Missy who just turned 1. ~ Life is so much better through a child's eyes ~

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