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Who says EBay is fun? Pick me, pick me! I really enjoy shopping on EBay, especially since I can get so much for my money. Let me give you an example… Just the other day, Sunday actually, I was surfing EBay and Craigslist looking for a new to me costume for my 1 year old daughter, since the one I loved in the store was selling for 55.00. Ouch! That’s when I came across a few potential costumes that looked really nice on EBay and were a fraction of the cost of the one I loved in the store.

So there I went, saving all the great deals to my watched items. Once I felt I had enough promising costumes in my watched list (for those of you who do not use EBay, once you sign up (creating a user name and password) you can watch items and save them to a list- you just have to be signed in. It’s fantastic!) I reviewed all the costumes, deleting a few and narrowed it down to just a select few. This is where the fun part starts…


1) Decide the maximum amount to pay for the item before bidding, since if you get caught up in a bidding war, you might want to kick yourself in the tail later.

2) Wait until the very last few minutes to bid again if you submit a bid and someone else outbids you.

3) When I say wait until the last minute, I literally mean the very last minute…if you feel confident in your internet connection, bid when there are only 15-30 seconds left until the auction is over (this really helps when there are multiple bidders but remember to use your maximum bid)

4) Celebrate or kick yourself for being cheap and know that there will be other deals in the near future 🙂

After I did all of the above, I was a high bidder on a wonderful little skunk costume and it arrived just this afternoon. To put the savings into perspective it was originally a 45$ costume and it was purchased and shipped for just over 13 bucks. That’s a third of the price! Deals like this are very common on EBay; you just have to be patient and willing to look for them.

~Happy Hunting~


About Misty

I am a very caring, fun loving person, who is trying to figure out my niche in this world. I love saving (even when its not my money),working hard because I cant stand being idle, taking photos of my family (because life happens to quickly), and making the grade (because if you dont have much to think about your brain will go to mush!). All while being a fantastic and caring mother to my son Mr. Handsome who is 10 and my little girl The Little Missy who just turned 1. ~ Life is so much better through a child's eyes ~

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