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I love Craigslist!

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Yep, that’s right. I officially love it. It’s a place where
you can find just about anything. From art to clothing or even cars!

Just the other day (Tuesday actually) I was surfing
Craigslist looking for some great deals and that’s when I decided to look at
the “baby + kid” section”. Scrolling quickly through all the infant stuff I no
longer need, as my daughter is just over a year old. I stumbled across some
very intriguing clothing ads that were just the right size for my daughter.
Especially since they were winter clothes and the weatherman was predicting drastic
change in temperatures this week. I figured what the heck and I sent emails to
the “owners” of the two different ads. It wasn’t too much later, after I sent
the email that I had a response to the first clothing ad; the clothes were
still available and after some back and forth with schedules, I could pick them
up the following morning.

So, I was just waiting to hear back from the second ad.
Well, I didn’t have to wait much longer because she called and said I could
come right over, about 5 minutes after I was done arranging the pickup on the
first ad. So that’s exactly what I did. Once arriving, I was amazed at the
condition of the clothes and the amount of clothing she had for sale. She told
me she had two granddaughters who used the clothes but she had so many items, I
wasn’t sure if the outfits had been worn more than once or twice. And that’s when
she really shocked me. She said I could sort through all of the clothes, picking
out the ones I wanted and all she wanted was 40$. At this point, I was feeling
like I was in the twilight zone.

After picking up the clothing from the first ad and adding
them to the items from the second ad, I was amazed at the amount of clothing I
had purchased (over the course of two days) for only 50$. I had just purchased a
“new to her” wardrobe, at the same cost I would have paid for a few “new” items.
Please keep in mind, for those of you who have never tried to buy stuff on Craigslist;
it’s a great place to find things. However, you must remain cautious when going
to people’s houses as you never really know who’s going to open the door.

Did I mention the clothes from the first ad were only $10
bucks? Yea, for me!

~Happy Hunting~


About Misty

I am a very caring, fun loving person, who is trying to figure out my niche in this world. I love saving (even when its not my money),working hard because I cant stand being idle, taking photos of my family (because life happens to quickly), and making the grade (because if you dont have much to think about your brain will go to mush!). All while being a fantastic and caring mother to my son Mr. Handsome who is 10 and my little girl The Little Missy who just turned 1. ~ Life is so much better through a child's eyes ~

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