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I love Groupon!

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Hey there folks,

I just was to fill you all in, on an awesome Groupon deal that I
was able to purchase and redeem.  It was a
photography class that was typically 125.00 but available on Groupon for 39.00
made available by John Stone Studios. It focused on teaching mothers, fathers, grandparents
or anyone interested on how to take pictures of children. It taught the class
how to get the camera off (P) or auto and how to set some of the settings
ourselves. They talked about AV, shutter speed and ISO. They also gave us a
cheat sheet to refer back to that had a bunch of helpful information

*Please note that one of the requirements for the class was to
have a camera that has a removable lens. So for those of you who have a point
and shoot camera, this was not the right class for you.*

When all was said and done,
I left this class more confident, ready to learn and willing to open my cameras
manual. It was fun and enlightening to learn about a hobby that I was just too nervous
to test out before. I was always afraid that I would break my camera in the
process of trying different settings. So, I would highly recommend this class
to anyone who has a future opportunity to try it, especially if you can snag it
at the Groupon rate…What a steal!

Also, for those of you who
are ready for the next step up from “Photographing Kids 101”, you should definitely
try out their “Studio Days”. Studio Days are when either the husband or wife who
own the studio, do a three hour personal session teaching something you would
like to learn about (Ex: settings for your camera, lighting, or even help you take
pictures of your kids). The “Studio Days” are offered at a great price, so if
you are interested it’s definitely worth it because you will feel more
confident and willing to try new approaches with your camera. Also, if you
attend Photographing Kids 101, be prepared they love to do giveaways.

~ Happy Shopping / Shooting! ~


About Misty

I am a very caring, fun loving person, who is trying to figure out my niche in this world. I love saving (even when its not my money),working hard because I cant stand being idle, taking photos of my family (because life happens to quickly), and making the grade (because if you dont have much to think about your brain will go to mush!). All while being a fantastic and caring mother to my son Mr. Handsome who is 10 and my little girl The Little Missy who just turned 1. ~ Life is so much better through a child's eyes ~

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